Get your ham radio license on Nov. 2

Get your ham radio license on Nov. 2

We're hosting a PaRTEE for future hams!

PaRTEE virtual Ham Cram-style study session
Monday, 11/2/2020

We're hosting a study session next Monday for folks who want to get their technician (entry-level) license! We picked this day because we know some people who can make it then, because there are multiple options for exam times that day, and because it's just before the election. Email us at or fill out our contact form to RSVP!

There are a few exam options on Monday, starting at 2p with an exam offered by GLAARG. You'll need to register for the exams separately (do that ASAP as they will fill up!), and carefully read the requirements. Check out HamStudy's list of online exam sessions.

Each VEC (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator – the organizations that are approved by the FCC to offer exams) has a different procedure, so read carefully about the exam you sign up for. To give you an idea, check out GLAARG's website about how they do exams (they have a video about how they run the tests – mostly for examiners, but helpful to get an idea of what session is like).

Ham Test Pro Tips:

  1. Each VEC is different, but you may need two devices to take the test online, one to take the test, and one for the test proctor to monitor you while taking the test. (I know, creepy/surveillancy, but goes with the territory.)
  2. No earphones/earbuds are allowed, so be sure to set up in a space where you feel comfortable listening in from your speakers.
  3. You have to be in a room by yourself. No people or even animals (except for service animals) allowed.

Can't make the Ham Cram? If you are interested but can't make it to this particular study group, please let us know! If there's enough interest we'll organize other dates.

FYI, a ham cram is a technique for passing the test w/ the least time. We got our licenses using this method through SMRS (Sonoma Mountain Repeater Society). People show up, without prior studying, and read through the questions and the correct answers for four hours. They suggest trying to read all the questions and answers twice (it's important to keep pace; it's really easy to get sucked in). The idea is that short-term memory will help you remember enough answers to pass the test (SMRS has a 90% pass rate). It's not a great way to learn about ham radio; it's more about passing the test so you can get a license so you can legally operate a radio. People do this because it's often easier to learn radio stuff hands-on, for which you need a license. We'll be offering followup workshops soon!

That said, if you want to study in advance, here are some resources that might help: (web site is free; phone apps are $4)
No-Nonsense study guides (the technician PDF is free)

Note: if you want to use hamstudy the ham cram way, choose to look at questions and hide distractions, which will show you just the questions and the correct answers. The ham cram theory is that if you read the questions and correct answers for four hours right before taking the test, your short-term memory will help you ace it.